YOMAD Festival is a celebration of nature, creativity, self discovery and  love through Yoga, Music and Dance.

The event brings together yoga teachers and practitioners, tai chi teachers, music performers and music lovers, dance performers and dance teachers/therapists in the beautiful natural surroundings, resorts and streets of Rovinj - Rovigno, Croatia.

Rovinj - Rovigno                                photo credit: adriaclub.co.uk

Rovinj- Rovigno, (2,5 hours to Venice, Italy, by boat) is called “the most romantic city on the Adriatic coast”Its small stone paved streets with stunning panoramic view of the Adriatic are themselves amazing attractions. 

Rovinj - Rovigno is surrounded with a cedar wood park  (Punta Corrente), beautiful beaches and has several interesting islands nearby.

Meadows in Punta Corrente - Rovinj - Rovigno,    photo credit: S. Vranko
Some of daytime programs of YOMAD will be held in the meadows of park Punta Corrente. 

Island of St. Katarina                                                    photo credit: S. Vranko

Many yoga and dance practitioners have participated in past two YOMAD Festivals. 

They spent amazing weekends practicing yoga, tai chi and chi gong methods, taking dance workshops, enjoying music, sound healing, massage and other treatments, vegetarian and raw food, swimming in the warm sea and relaxing at the beautiful Rovinj beaches.
Welcome to YOMAD!  

The organizer of the YOMAD is Eufin Association, registered non-profit organisation from Rovinj – Rovigno, D'istria, Croatia, Europe.