YOMAD - Dance Your Heart Out - yoga & dance detox retreat, Rovinj, Croatia, October 07 - 09, 2016

Everything in Nature Dances, starting from tiniest particles like atoms and molecules all the way to the stars. Movement is life and life is flow of energy. 

On this 3 day YOMAD retreat we will explore depth of movements through Shakti Dance, Chakra Dance Yoga, Sufi Dance meditation, Kundalini Dance, Vision Dance all packed with morning meditation practice and quality yoga classes. 

YOMAD retreat will give us chance to detox with raw food menu together with wonderful nature of the city of Rovinj, inviting Adriatic sea and nearby park resort.  

The retreat will take place in the beautiful and peaceful center M.A.R.E. with affordable one bed, two bed and dormitory accommodation options and an access to a private beach.

Join us and have another unforgettable YOMAD experience from Friday 07 - Sunday 09 of October 2016.

Shakti Dance with dance teacher Alexandar Banić (Ljubljana, Slovenia),

Ashtanga Inspired Yoga with Izabela Maric (Zagreb, Croatia),

Mindfulness Meditation with Jan Ejsymontt (England),

Laughter Yoga and Sufi Dance with Sanghita (Venice, Italy),

Kundalini Yoga with Harsar Devi (Sandra Bajramovic, Rovinj, Croatia), 
Vision Dance & Chakra Dance Yoga with Svemir Vranko, (Berlin, Germany)

Accommodation is in Single, Double or Dormitory Type Rooms, price is 25 Euro per night (two nights).

100 Euro (740 kuna) is recommended donation for a retreat which includes participation in Program and detox raw food meals during the day (2 meals per day).

Start: Friday, October 07 at 7 pm 
End: Sunday, October 09 at 7 pm

YOMAD Festival® contacts:


00385 (0)915257299 (Izabela)

00385 (0)915670679 (Svemir)


0049 (0)15170389757

Welcome! Namaste!

Center M.A.R.E.

YOMAD - Rovinj summer festival with a touch of Spirit!

"Primary purpose of a spiritual retreat is to transcend our conditioned ways of thinking and being and begin to usher in a deepening of human consciousness." Eckhart Tolle