Yoga and Trekking retreat, Dharamshala, India, March 6, 2017 - March 12, 2017

Join us for unforgettable trekking yoga retreat in Trimurti garden in Bhagsu near Dharamshala. Experience the beauty and tranquility of the foothills of Himalaya.

Dharamshala surrounding

Izabela Shanti, dedicated yogini and certified yoga teacher and Svemir Vranko, meditation teacher will hold the space for this retreat. You will engage in Ashtanga Primary series (modified) and Vinyasa Flow. Each day of practice will include pranayamas, meditation and mindful movement exercises.

Izabela & Svemir

Of course trekking in beautiful Himalayan nature with healthy and nutritious Indian vegan and vegetarian food are invitation for itself.

Also we will have chance to chant kirtans and other heart warming songs.

Dharamsala is known as a seat place of Dalai Lama and Tibetan government in exile and if there is a chance we would like to make a pilgrimage to their place.

Trimurti yoga Hall
Retreat will be held in beautiful Trimurti Garden House with room prices from 300rs for single room, 400rs for double and 700rs double with bathroom. 

Namaste and welcome to our yoga retreat! It's gonna be amazing! 

Izabela & Svemir

Trimurti Guest House

About teachers:

Izabela Shanti Maric

has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching yoga.

She is a registered yoga teacher (RYT200, and continues with RYT500 and Prenatal Yoga). She has deep love for Mysore style Ashtanga practises.

As an Indologist; she is teaching Hindi, Sanskrit and Russian language; she is also a professional dancer of modern dance and ballet.

At her Verbasana yoga studio Izabela holds classes on a daily basis and also as a guest teacher in other yoga studios in the city of Zagreb, Croatia.

She started to practice yoga 18 years ago and has been travelling India for the last 12 years.

Through all those years yoga has become her true love and way of fulfilling the heart and soul.

Together with Svemir she holds the space for YOMAD – Yoga, Music and Dance festival in coastal city of Rovinj, Croatia.

Trimurti garden caffe

Svemir A. Vranko

has over 25 years experience in meditation and yoga and over 10 years in teaching.

He is certified Bodywork Therapyst of Swedish – Esalen massage, Japanese Yumeiho, deep tisue Romanowski method and Sound Healing which he studied with Jonathan Goldman, a pioneer of Sound Healing in the USA. 

As a bodywork therapist, he collaborated last two years with Jesej, a private holistic psychiatric clinic in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Together with his Team, Svemir is organizer of YOMAD - Yoga, Music and Dance Festival based in Rovinj, Croatia.

As a musician he recorded Om Didge – a Sound Healing Record with a booklet (2008, Umma, Croatia) and beside singing he playes guitar, didgeridoo and percussion.

As a teenager, with 16, he had profound kundalini meditative experience which carreid him to a Samadhi state which opened him understanding of human transcendental Nature.

Svemir currently lives in Berlin, Germany and in Essentis biohotel is he an event organizer and meditation teacher.

One of the rooms in Trimurti Guest House


Preferred contact via email: 

Izabela, Tel: 00385 (0) 915257299  (Croatia)

Svemir, Tel: 0049 (0) 15170389757  (Germany)

Trimurti yoga Hall